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JR Machinery Associates

JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!

JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!

JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!

FICEP Structural Steel Machinery & Metal Plate Processing

CNC Single Spindle Drills

single spindle beam cnc drill line

 The Ficep Excalibur 12 which was introduced in 2010 is uniquely different than all other single spindle CNC drill lines previously engineered by Ficep since the first units in the 70's. 

Multiple Spindle Drilling Lines


 Ficep Corporation produces ten different models of stand-alone CNC controlled multi spindle drilling lines for the fabrication of structural steel. Here are some of the basic design features that are resident in the Ficep multiple spindle drill line systems. 

CNC Angle Fabricating Lines


 The Ficep CNC angle line solution gives you the opportunity to not only process angle but also channels and flats! The Ficep angle line systems (19 models available) typically eliminates the manual layout and automates the production of holes, notches, part marking and cutting of the finished part to length! 

Robotic Coping Lines


With over 20 years of experience in engineering and producing plasma cutting robots the RAZ by FICEP sets the highest level of productivity ever achieved on a stand alone thermal cutting robot.

Ficep Gemini Plate Processing


 The Ficep Gemini plate processing line with its unique secondary axis for each spindle enhances the productivity by over 40% when compared to single spindle plate processor. The sub axis, in conjunction with the second spindle, is like having two plate drilling systems in the same footprint and with the same operator. 

Structural Steel Band Saws

structural steel cnc band saw

 CNC technology has revolutionized the fabrication of structural steel during the past 20 years in many areas. Historically, this technology started with the automation of layout and the production of holes in structural steel beams and later grew into the area of the automatic production of angle and plate detail. 

About Ficep Corp

 Ficep is the leading supplier in North America of structural steel machinery and plate processing equipment. In fact, they offer the most comprehensive line of CNC Structural Drilling Systems available in the market today! 


Ficep Corporation Maintains the Highest Ratio of Customer Service Staff to Installations in the Industry! 

When Ficep Corporation was founded at the end of 2002, it consisted of a staff of two salesmen, one service tech and almost no existing customer base as the full Ficep product line had not been offered in North America prior to the founding of Ficep Corporation. The rapid acceptance of Ficep's industry-leading technology enabled us to quickly gain a substantial market share in North America by offering to the industry technological solutions that were not previously available to fabricators in North America. The thirst of the market for better CNC solutions that achieved the type of accuracy, productivity and technology that was previously not available in North America enabled us to achieve over 400 CNC system installations in North America in this short period of time.

CNC Drilling Machine Excalibur 12


CNC Single Spindle Drilling Machine Excalibur 12 uses Innovative Steel Fabrication Technology

FICEP Endeavour drill/saw line

 The FICEP Endeavor drill/saw for structural steel fabrication makes a major step in separating this new technology for the rest of the field.  The Endeavor features a sub axis on all spindles and even the underside scribing unit.  The sub axis capability enables scribing on 4 surfaces simultaneously and the ability to engage all three spindles even if the holes on the two flanges and the web are not in line.  The productivity is endorsed by generating 60 holes in 72 seconds on a 16" beam! 

For our WNY regional custsomers, please contact us to review your applications and our Ficep solutions!