Sheet Metal Machinery

National Machinery

national metal shear

Made in the USA     3-YEAR WARRANTY  

National Sheet Metal Machine Inc. is a family owned business in Smartt, Tennessee. They have been in business for 36 years as the leading shear and brake manufacturer in the USA. 

Vicon Machinery


 Vicon is the industry leader in plasma cutting machines, coil lines, and HVAC ductwork machinery.   Their HVAC software is what sets Vicon apart.

Every machine produced is 100% manufactured in America. 

Falls Deburring


JR Machinery  is committed to supplying high productivity portable power tools, metal fabricating tools, production components and abrasives that do the job easier, faster and with less cost in use.  Includes sheet metal machinery and National sheet metal brakes.

ROLEI® BE 5 Sheet Metal Deburring Machine


 Double-sided deburring of stainless steel and sheet metal up to 0.2" thick can be achieved in a single operation with no additional treatment. The machine’s flap wheels can be easily adjusted as they wear. One set of wheels lasts for approximately 6500 feet of stainless steel sheet 

Roto Die Press Brakes



Roto-Die's hydraulic press brakes are a versatile, economical, productive tool satisfying a wide range of sheet metal bending and forming needs

The sheet metal benders are the perfect machine for the roofing and architectural market. They are used for hemming operations and forming gravel stops, standing lock seams, and flashing.

IPG Laser Cube Cutting System


 The LaserCube flat bed cutter is optimized for cutting small parts in both prototype and industrial environments. 

Using high-force linear motors built on a granite stage, it has the stability and acceleration needed for high-speed precision machining.  

CNC Folding Tables


 Roper Whitney offers an extensive line of state-of-the-art folding machines designed to make your job easier. The Autobrake and AutoMax series have the sophistication and power to handle your toughest folding challenge. 

14 gauge Mechanical Shear



Tennsmith’s low-profile LM Series mechanical shears utilize a simple low-maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for high value and solid performance.

The LM Series shears are standard with: four-edge, high carbon/high chromium top and bottom blades, independent, self-leveling holddown feet with neoprene inserts, single, continuous and job stroke cycles, motor reverse switch, precision-machines table with hand well, dual inch/metric inlaid bed scales and non-metallic gibs.

The optional air operated sheet support system is recommended for gauging of thin material. 

Made in the USA

Flagler HVAC Formers


The Flagler Corporation has been engineering and manufacturing roll forming machinery since 1949. Along with a complete line of standard equipment for the HVAC and the Metal Construction Industries, Flagler also builds special lines for customer specific applications. 

ROLEI® BE5 Sheet Metal Deburring Machine

 Double-sided deburring of sheet metal up to 0.2" thick in a single pass. Two-speed operation for fine deburring and standard deburring. 

Roper Whitney Shears

 Roper Whitney's mechanical shears utilize a simple low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance. 

Roper Whitney's Autobrake

 Autobrake is the component fabricator's choice for unparalleled ease-of-use, speed and accuracy. 

 Powered by an advanced CNC control system, the Autobrake is capable of bending many types of materials and thicknesses with very little setup time and minimal tool changes. 

Flagler Spin Collar Roll forming Machine

 6" Spin Collar machine shown here with optional front end notcher