press brake tooling

JR Machinery is a representative for a full line of press brake tooling and accessories.

Accurpress Tooling Systems



Succeed with Accurpress Tooling, Clamping and Accessories

Accurpress Tooling System's primary purpose is to provide you with cost effective, high quality solutions for your forming needs. Their innovative manufacturing processes and attention to detail ensure you the best possible value with Accurpress Tooling.

Wila precision tooling



Wila strives to improve press brake productivity by focusing on everything between the ram and the bed of the machine.

 Hydraulic Clamping Systems with precision Quick-Change Tooling featuring Wila's patented Safety-Click button reduces tooling set-up time by an average of five times over conventional tooling.





Patented Forming Technology for "Perfect" Bends

Controls distortion of holes and slots near bend lines

Consistently forms tapered and short flanges

Virtually eliminates die marking

American Press Brake Tooling

press brake tooling


For more than 25 years, leading sheet metal fabricators have looked to us for precision  die design and tooling.

Need special application tooling? How about European style tang or Wila tang for special jobs?

We can supply the American style tooling with either the American style tange, European style tang or the Wila style tang.

Press Brake Die Film

urethane press brake die film protection

We have all types of press brake tooling for sale.
Bison press brake urethane film, prevents die marks on a wide range of materials including stainless, aluminum and other polished parts when used with press brake dies.
Manufacturing costs will be reduced significantly, because the press brake die film eliminates secondary polishing or having to scrap expensive blanks.

Urethane Press Brake Dies

urethane press brake die tools


Urethane female dies are designed for production and will not leave die marks!

They feature tremendous loadbearing capacity and excellent resistance to abrasion. 

The dies are manufactured in 48" lengths and can be butted together as needed. They are lightweight, easy to handle, stocked for immediate delivery and may be shipped via UPS.

Desired opening equals 8X the material thickness & 10x for stainless steel. Recommended for air bending, NOT coining.

Looking to improve your bending?

Send your prints in for application assistance.  We can be of help with almost any press brake bending application.