Angle Rolls and Plate Rolls

Manual Hand Benders


 Eureka Base Unit add-ons
4 Tools in one by simply adding the tooling option you desire!   "P" BAR FOLDING ,  "C" CIRCLES & CURVES ,  "S" SCROLLS  &  "T" TUBE BENDING 

Decorative Applications


 1,000’s of Uses. Designed for Ornamental/Decorative Work as well as for High Production Manufacturing Applications
The Carell E-MATIC incorporates a rotary bending head, a wide stable base and digital programmable controls into a uniquely versatile package. Heavy Duty, Rugged unit is compact and easy to use. Tooling changes are rapid and simple. 

Small Pyramid Style Rolls


 EAGLE CP30 Universal Section Benders: 5 Versatile Versions give you Renowned Eagle Qualityand the best solutions to fit your budget. Our benders have Standard Features beyond comparison and are The Most Popular and Widely Used Bending Machines in the Industry. 

Ercolina Univeral Rolls


Are you looking for a high quality roll bender that will allow you to bend pipe and tube repeatedly? Do you need to be bend large radius, create spiral in tubes, or roll pipe or tube to a ring. You’re in the right place; our pyramid roller is capable of all of that and so much more.

Double Pinch Rolls

davi metal roll buffalo ny

 The three roll double pinch section roll was engineered to meet the requirements of very demanding customers, who need to bend large and extra large dimension parts with very strict tolerances.

From aerospace to shipyard, from automotive to structural, engineers are always designing solutions of more sophisticated bent parts, made out of hard material that can only be obtained by bending non-standard profiles at very tight diameters with strict tolerances on our plate rolls and angle rolls

Full CNC Angle Rolls


 No two bending applications are the same. Many factors including material size, mechanical properties, spring-back, etc can influence the bending requirements necessary to get an acceptable result. 

 With the CNC Control we can help take the guess work out of your rolling operations. 

Plate and Sheet Metal Rolls

Initial Pinch Rolls


 Three-roll initial-pinch  or single initial-pinch plate rolls generally are for light-capacity applications and may be electromechanical or hydraulic.

They work by pinching the flat sheet between two vertically opposed rolls while the third, offset roll—or bending roll—moves upward to contact and then bend the sheet. When rotation of the rollers is activated, the sheet exits at a given radius. 

3-Roll Double Pinch Rolls


3-Roll Plate Bending Rolls, a universal machine for all plate bending jobs, and especially for the job-shop fabricator. 

The quality of a profile rolled on this plate roll machine will be the same to ones rolled on 4-roll double pinch or 3-roll initial-pinch machines.  The two lower rolls can be adjusted individually of each other, with infinitely variable adjustment speeds, in a curved path around a common center.  The same design works with angle rolls also.

4-Roll Double Pinch Rolls


 The powerful hydraulic system on 4 Roll Plate Bending Machines offers greater precision in the bending process. 

Clamping pressure between lower and upper roll during bending is highly consistent when complex pre-bending operationd are required. The symmetrical arrangement of the side rolls make pre-bending possible from both sides without changing the sheet. 

The bending operation continues by moving the side rolls to create appropriate radius. 

Initial Pinch Rolls


The Hydraulic Initial-Pinch Plate Roll is designed for job-shop fabricator. It is simple to operate while producing high quality results.

3-Roll Double Pinch Rolls


 The 3-roll, double pinch design which provides excellent prebending capabilities; it is easy to prebend both the leading and trailing edge without removing, turn, and re-insert the plate 

4-Roll Double Pinch Rolls


 The machine has one fixed top roll and 3 pcs independently adjustable bottom rolls; under this roll arrangement, it is combined with the clamping and prebending advantages of 3 roll single pinch and double pinch machine 

Angle Rolls

Check out the Ercolina universal angle and profile angle roll.  Great machine at a competitive price.

Cone Rolling Application

 Four roll plate rolls allow flat feeding of the sheet and eliminate wasteful pre-bending steps common to some other machine types.