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JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!

JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!

JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!

OMAX Water Jet - MAXIEM Waterjet

Maxiem Waterjet Machines


 Designed for a wide range of machining needs, the omax water jet MAXIEM 1530 sets a higher standard for precision abrasive waterjet machining. 

The rigid tank design is scaled to handle common plate sizes with room to spare. The advanced linear motion system uses, digital linear encoders to provide instant micron-level cutting head position feedback to the Windows® 8 controller to assure accurate part production.

 Equipped with a diamond-integrated MAXJET 5i nozzle, the 1530 can cut virtually any material quickly and efficiently, maximizing profitability. 

Maxiem 0707 Small Parts


 With the most compact machine footprint in the MAXIEM lineup, the 0707 is perfect for the smaller job shop or research facility for prototyping, short production runs, or small-scale projects. 

The MAXIEM 0707 features the lowest ceiling height requirement in the industry, while the constant and continuous feedback from the linear encoders on the X-Y drive system ensures precision and speed. 

Production Efficiency with Integrated Nozzles


 The orifice in these non-integrated nozzles is taken out and replaced as part of routine maintenance, or if the jewel is damaged or broken. More recently, abrasive waterjet manufacturers like OMAX are moving toward using integrated nozzles such as the MAXJET5i

These nozzles use a diamond orifice that is precisely aligned and fixed in place, providing a longer life for the mixing tube and more consistent and accurate cuts over the life of the assembly. .

Taper Compensation


 The most sophisticated level of taper compensation that is Intelli-TAPER compensation and is available with the A-Jet or Tilt-A-Jet cutting head and the Premium version of Intelli-MAX software.

 Intelli-TAPER utilizes the knowledge of the actual speed to intelligently adjust the cutting angle at every position along the tool path which significantly increases the precision of the cutting edge, especially in arcs and during acceleration/deceleration.

 Intelli-TAPER compensation is the industry leading solution for high precision and high performance cutting. 

OMAX A-JET Bevel Cutting


 The A-Jet is a completely software-controlled multi-axis cutting head that greatly expands the versatility of the OMAX JetMachining Center. 

With a cutting range from 0° to 60°, the A-Jet can easily cut beveled edges, angled sides, and countersinks. Advanced features in the Intelli-MAX Software Suite allow the A-Jet to compensate for taper and easily create complex 3D shapes.

 With its inherent high level of positioning accuracy, the A-Jet is capable of cutting parts that require no secondary finishing, significantly reducing part production time. 

MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump


 With thousands installed worldwide, the MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump is proven to provide reliability and flexibility in any work environment. 

Utilizing the same variable frequency drive technology as the market-leading OMAX EnduroMAX Pump, the MAXIEM Direct Drive Pump can vary the motor RPM to cover both low and high pressure operation. 

The pump’s three cylinders are coordinated to provide a smooth high pressure output flow, without significant pressure fluctuations. 





OMAX Intelli-MAX Software Helps Create Parts from Start to Finish

 The solids Removal System automatically removes accumulated abrasive and material particle from an OMAX abrasive waterjet tank.