Nitto Kohki Annular cutters & Machinery

nitto kohki magnetic drill


Nitto Kohki Mag Drills

Nitto Kohki is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality machines, nitto kohki annular cutters and tools, specializing in mag drills. 

Automatic Mag Drills:   Shipping is included in the price:

Nitto Kohki Mag Drill WA 3500:   1-3/8" x 2" hole drilling capacity,    

Semi-automatic feed mechanism

Nitto Kohki Mag Drill WA 5000: Automatic feed drill – 350/650 rpm  

115v, 2” x 3” capacity

Nitto Kohki Mag Drill QA 5000: Automatic feed drill – 400/750 rpm 

with automatic return feature.

115v, 2” x 2” capacity

Manual Mag Drills       Shipping is included in the price:

Nitto Kohki Mag Drill UO-3500: Manual feed drill – 400 rpm     

115v, 1-3/8” x 2” hole capacity

Nitto Kohki Mag Drill UOJ-5500: Manual feed drill –350/650 rpm 

“Smart-Stop / Rapid Start” technology 

115v, 2-3/16” x 3” hole capacity

Nitto Kohki Magnetic Annular Cutters


Nitto Kohki JETBROACH Carbide Cutters

JETBROACH Tungsten Carbide Tipped Annular Cutter w/ ¾” “ONE-TOUCH” Side-Lock Shank.


  • Carbide tips for faster cutting
  • Single pass cutting, no pilot hole required
  • Annular part does all the work so small cutting resistance reduces drilling time


Nitto Kohki HI_BROACH HSS Cutters

 Hibroach cutters with "One-Touch" shanks can be used in drilling machines with 3/4" arbor bores. 

Atra Ace WA 3500 POWER FEED Mag Drill

Portable Fully Automatic Drilling Machine:
Quick Auto Drills increases productivity and reduce hole drilling cost .  Check out the Automatic cutting technology.

Nitto Kohki Portable Punch Units


SELFER ACE & SELFER Hydraulic Punches

Nitto Kohki SELFER ACE

Double acting hydraulic system allows
automatic and inching (manual mode) operation. 

Nitto Kohki SELFER

Punch, return, and reset operations are fully automatic.

FReturn stroke is by spring action and not hydraulic as the Selfer Ace units.

Round & Shaped Tooling for SELFER Punches

Round sizes from 5/16" up to 1-1/16" diameter available.  Oblong sizes metric sizes from 16 x 8 mm to 25 x 18 mm available.

Nitto Kohki Handy Selfer Electric Punch


Bring your punch to the job:

Self-contained hydraulic punch shows its power in making round or elongated holes in flat bar, angle bar or channel iron.   17-ton electro-hydraulic punch unit.  115v, 2-3/16" throat depth. 

Punch Tooling

Round punch tooling from 1/4" to 13/16" diameters available.  Oblong metric punch tooling from 10 x 6.5 mm to 21 x 14 mm available

Nitto Kohki Handy Selfer Video

Check out this demonstration video