Quality Metal Shear blades

Made in the USA

 We offer shear blades in a complete range of sizes for both domestic and foreign manufactured squaring shears. 

Shear Blades for most Machines

 We have manufactured blades for many of the following shears: • AccuShear • Amada • Betenbender • Cincinnati • Cleveland Crane/Steelweld • Di-Acro/Elga Hydra Shear • Edwards • Famco • HTC • Herr-Voss • Hunter Engr. • Lodge & Shipley • Niagara • Pacific • Pexto • Promecam • Pullmax • Red Bud Industries • Taylor Winfield • Welty-Way • Wysong & Miles. 

Quality Alloy Material

 All of our shear blades are crafted from the highest-quality alloys using close tolerance quality control standards. Our “Made in the USA” shear blades provide optimum performance and extended blade life 

Types of Metal Shear Blades

MARK I_____ HCHC Alloy

 MARK I - Premium grade High Carbon/High Chrome tool steels, providing maximum life between regrinds when cutting mild steel up to .250” thick on mechanical shears. This grade is also ideal for shearing mild steel up to .375” thick on hydraulic shears, due to the lack of impact and a slower cutting action. For shearing stainless steels, most OEM’s recommend that you reduce stated capacities by 50%. 

Mark II___ Modified alloy HCHC shock resistant

 MARK II - Premium grade modified alloy tool steels, providing a maximum number of cuts before dulling when cutting mild steel grades up to 1” thick. These alloys have a high degree of toughness, combined with excellent shock resistance, making them equally suitable for shearing high tensile, heavy cross section steels as well. For shearing stainless steels, most OEM’s recommend that you reduce stated capacities by 50% .

Metal shear manufacturers

Ironworker Shear Blades

ironworker shear blades

Flat shear blades & knife sets

We stock most metal shear blades and knife sets for Iron worker machine and sheet metal shears.  Flat shear blades, angle shear blades, round shear blades and coper-notcher blade sets.

Other Metal Shear Blade Sets

Metal cutting shear blades for metal shears and Ironworkers.

Discover the difference our MADE IN THE USA shear blades can make in your production shearing operation.