Metal Punching Tools

Ironworker Tooling

iron worker punch and die tooling


The commitment of quality, delivery, work ethic, integrity, value, and customer service have remained their trademarks throughout the years. 

JR Machinery is proud to represent this level of commitment and assist your company with any technical punching applications.

MULTICYL Pnuematic Press Units



Multicyl® cylinders are a patented brand of air over oil press used for a variety of metalworking applications.

 The most common is hole punching, but Multicyl is an excellent solution to many other types of manufacturing applications such as notching, shearing, tube piercing, assembly and metal joining.

Unitized Tooling


 What if you could make your parts faster? The UniPunch system is a simple way to put holes in parts faster, with easy set-up and better production.

Our team will help you with any of your punching, notching or coping applications.

Punch Urethane Strippers

piranha urethane punch strippers

 JR Machinery is proud to provide urethane products to support Piranha® ironworking machines. 

We stock the punch strippers and the shear hold down pads.

Portable Punch Units


 Since 1907 the W.A. Whitney Company has been producing innovative machines for the metal fabrication industry. Whitney's portable web punches are the standard for durability and quality. Web portable presses are used for the punching the web section of beams and channel. 

Metal Punch Charts


Metal punch charts are used by metal fabrication shops for their steel fabrication and metal punching.