Metal Cutting Machines

Piranha Plasma Machines


 Piranha HD Plasma tables provide near laser cut quality for significantly less investment than LASER. That makes Piranha HD plasma an excellent value for precision cutting, at a cost lower than competing plasma cutters. 

OMAX WaterJet Machines

omax waterjet cutting machines

 OMAX Corporation is the leading provider of precision-engineered, computer-controlled, multi-axis (X-Y) abrasive jet systems for use in the manufacturing environment. Established in 1993, OMAX’s objective was to harness state-of-the-art technologies to make high-pressure abrasive jet machining practical, affordable, and easy to use. OMAX revolutionized the industry by creating the OMAX Jet Machining Center, the first truly affordable system to offer abrasive jet capabilities with consistent, precision results. 

Alltra Plasma- Oxy Fuel Machines


  Precision shape cutting from plates of virtually any width or length and up to 12” thickness requires the comprehensive systems approach and multi-process expertise of the ALLtra Intelligent Design team.  Delivering sophisticated technology with a simple, user-friendly system control, ALLtra designs plate cutting systems to incorporate both the most advanced plasma and oxyfuel features for quality, hole cutting and cycle time efficiencies, as well as the advanced features only ALLtra can deliver for service and support.  Ensuring you the lowest cost per cut in the highest production environments demands a robust and reliable system that is ready to work when you are.  Allow us to demonstrate why the ALLtra difference assures your success for high quality, precision plate cutting at the lowest cost of operation. 

Whitney Punch Plasma Combo Machines


 Even as laser technology advances to cut thicker parts faster, the Piranha-Whitney combination consistently beats lasers, plasma machines, and water jet machines when it comes to ROI. 

The Punch Plasma Combination will put more parts on the floor at the end of the day in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, than any other process. 

IPG Laser Cube


Working on a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium and alloys, the LaserCube provides superior cutting performance and reliability in a compact footprint while maintaining low operating costs for rapid return on investment. 

The LaserCube is designed, built

and supported by IPG Photonics - your partner for precision laser cutting systems.

Piranha Fiber Lasers Systems


Piranha- Whitney Lasers are high-performance, state-of-the-art, extremely precise and dynamic machine tools. 

Available in sizes from 5’ x 10’ to 10’ x 20’, and with available fiber laser power up to 12kW, there is a Whitney Laser available for your specific application. 

JR Machinery will help you compare and justify the correct cutting machine for your shop's applications.  

ALLTRA Corporation Introduction

ALLtra Corporation Introduction Video - Plasma, Oxyfuel and Specialty Cutting Systems

Learn more about the Alltra cutting machines

 ALLtra Corporation Introduction Video - Plasma, Oxyfuel and Specialty Cutting Systems 

Plasma Cutting Videos

Piranha Plasma CNC Cuttings Systems

OMAX WaterJET Cutting Systems


The OMAX Water Jet Cutting Difference

IPG LaserCube Fiber Laser

IPG Fiber Cube Laser cutting parts at the IPG factory. small compact 4' x 4' high speed Fiber Laser with only 100 amps of power!!!! can cut all materials. brass, copper, SS and aluminum at very high speeds!

Piranha Fiber Laser Cutting Systems

 The fastest cutting laser on the planet. Piranha LASER 


For our WNY regional customers:  Use our 25 years of experience to help you compare the different cutting technologies.  We can provide application assistance and produce part samples, time studies, justification & testimonials.