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JR Machinery Associates

JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!

JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!

JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!JR Machinery: the best in precision metal working machinery!

Ercolina pipe benders & Machinery

Tube and Pipe Benders



Ercolina manufactures rotary draw tube, pipe and profile bending machines, designed to produce quality repeatable precision bends.

 Ercolina machines are operator friendly and can memorize bend angle as well as material spring back settings.

Ercolina offers non-mandrel and mandrel style tube and pipe benders.

Angle Rolls/Ring Rolls


 Ercolina offers a comprehensive selection of angle rolls/ring rolls, pyramid rolling machines or section benders with capacities of 1-1/2″ to 4″ Sch. 40 pipe and angle iron.  If you aren’t sure what you need, contact us and we will walk you through which angle rolls will best suit your specific design requirements. 

Tube & Pipe Fabrication


 Ercolina has long been known as the leading manufacturer of pipe and tube bending machines.

 Did you know Ercolina  offers  a wide variety of metalworking equipment which includes pipe and tube notcher grinders, tube swaging and tube flanging, ornamental iron working machines, industrial belt grinders, plate roll machines?

Mandrel Bending Machines

ercolina mandrel tube bender

 In addition to a complete line of non-mandrel tube, pipe and profile bending  machinery offered by Ercolina;  they have a great line of NC semi-automatic and CNC mandrel bending machines. 

Scantool Industrial Belt Grinders


 Scantool industrial belt grinders are manufactured in 3- and 6-inch belt widths. Machines can be purchased with or without an exhaust system. All standard machines are equipped with a port for a central exhaust system. 

Ercolina Metal Plate Rolls


 The powerful hydraulic system on 4 Roll Plate Bending Machines offers greater precision in the bending process.  

Ercolina A40-P

 Demo of Ercolina A40/P Two Axis positioning table with model TB60 Rotary Draw Bender bending 1-3/8" - .120 wall mild steel. This accessory is ideal for handrail bending, repetitive parts and left and right mirror images. 

Ercolina Angle Roll Demonstration

 Our angle roll supports a multitude of small to large diameter tube and pipe sizes and extruded profiles. Moreover, this bending machine is programmable and can be positioned to bend in both horizontal and vertical position for greatest convenience when bending. 

This means that regardless of the bending application you’ll have no problem getting the results you need. 

6 Things to Know Before You Bend

 While tube and pipe can be bent by a variety of methods, one of the most common is the rotary draw tube bending process. Done correctly, this process produces highly satisfactory results at a reasonable cost. This video covers several commonly asked questions and offers vital information you need to know before you start bending. 

Ercolina 030 Mega Bender with Mandrel bending 2-1/2" OD SS

 Watch how Ercolina's 030 Mega Bender with mandrel system easily creates a quality bend in 2-1/2" OD Stainless Steel, 5" Centerline Radius. 

 Ercolina's Mega Bender 030 with mandrel system is ideal for prototype or small production mandrel bending applications. 5', 10' and 20' tables available. 

Sample Parts







 To discuss your next bending application, request a catalog or request a demonstration of Ercolina products, simply email us at sales@jrmachinery.com or call us at 716-352-3911.