Accurpress Press Brakes

Accurpress Advantage



These standard features are what have made the Rocker Arm so capable of handling a wide variety of application demands.

The optional Advantage Package adds proportional valve and dual ram encoders which enhances the overall full length bending accuracy for off-center and stage bending applications.

Accell E- The Competitive Edge


 The Accell E is the complete package.

 With a high-quality build, an impressive number of features and options, competitive pricing and advanced controls, this is your first choice in Y1/Y2 machine technology.  

Accell E Accell U: Upgrade Package


 The Accell U Upgrade Package builds on the already impressive standard features of the Accell E machine to provide even more functionality and flexibility. 

This specialized machine can handle any forming challenge or production run with ease. 

Accell H Hybrid Technology Available from 60 - 190 Tons


 The Accell H exceeds performance expectations with its high speed forming and ability to tackle any application challenge.

 With advanced motion technologies and the most flexible features and options, the Accell H is the ultimate in creating complex parts.  

Accell HT High Tonnage. Available from 650 - 3000 Tons


 The Accell HT features rugged builds, oversized components and powerful gauging devices. 

These machines are tough and durable and will stand up to any forming challenge. If you want to bend something big, we've got you covered.  

Accupress Videos

accurpress and accurshear buffalo videos

Check out some videos from Accurpress on some on of their machinery and up coming products.  Very impressive. 

Accurpress Tooling


 Accurpress press brake tooling system’s primary purpose is to provide you with cost effective, high quality tooling solutions for your press brakes tooling requirements. 

Accurpress uses only the finest quality materials to deliver long-life and utmost accuracy from all of their tooling. You can rely on Accurpress and JR Machinery’s experience to aid your forming success.

  • WILA American Style Press Brake Tooling
  • WILA New Standard Press Brake Tooling
  • Custom Press Tooling
  • Tool and Die Accessories
  • Manual Ram Clamping Systems
  • Hydraulic Ram Clamping Systems

Die Rail Crowning



 New Touch Screen “Vision” Control for Accurpress Press Brakes:

  • Bend Guru specifies the measurements and calculations you need to make a proper bend. No more calipers, it’s done automatically
  • Instantaneous Bend Sequencing finds the bend sequence you need in milliseconds.

Exhaustive Sequence Search runs through every bend sequence gives you the best possible bend solution and lets you know if the bend on the blue print is even possible.

Productive Options


 Production Enhancing Options

  • Front SheetSupport Fixtures:
    Front sheet Support Fixtures ride on a precision guide rail for easy left to right motion. 

Sheet Follower System:
The Accell Sheet Following System follows material during the bend. The Sheet Follower table is fully synchronized with bend speed and bend angle. The decent speed is operator adjustable and the system can be activated by step.

Robotic Integration:
Accell offers integration capabilities for your production process including robotized loading, forming and unloading. 

  • 3D Bend Simulation Software:
    3D Bend Simulation software enables programming and verification of bending operations off-line to free up valuable machine time, improve part reliability and reduce production costs.

Accurpress Press Brakes

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The Latest in Press Brake Technology

Partner with a Leader

Accurpress press brakes are engineered and manufactured to high standards of lifetime durability and precision accuracy - and are backed by a minimum two-year parts warranty. Our machines are know throughout the industry for exceptional value, and for years of dependable, low-maintenance service. Accurpress is the #1 selling cnc press brakes in North America, in part, because customers tell their friends in the industry how Accurpress increases productivity and operator satisfaction.

Light Curtain Ram Motion Initiation

Check out this innovative approach for production of small parts.  Material is place in position and the machine senses a safe mode and bends the part.